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Discipline Policy

Active and happy children are the signs of a good child care. Occasionally discipline problems arise and the following methods are utilized:

Rules are first explained with plenty of reminders and lots of positive reminders.

Redirection of the child's behavior: Talk with the child, explain the problem or the inappropriate actions of the child and redirect the child.

Time out: The child will be removed from the group and sit in an appropriate place for 1 minute per year of age, not to exceed 5 minutes. When time-out is up, I will talk to the child and explain why that behavior was inappropriate.

In any instances where the child's behavior is continually upsetting and is of concern to me, I will need to discuss it with you so that we may jointly decide on a course of action that is followed at home and in my care. If the problem cannot be resolved, arrangements may need to be made for the child to receive care elsewhere.

A child will never be disciplined for accidents (spilled drinks for example). In such a situation I will have the child help me clean up, if possible, to help teach responsibly.