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Tiny Treasures ChildCare
Parent/Provider Handbook

WELCOME TO MY CHILD CARE! Following are the guidelines governing my daycare service. Please read this handbook thoroughly, as it covers very important policies and procedures that pertain to the care of your child. Please feel free to ask any questions that I have not answered here for you.


My hours of child care are from 7:30am-12:30am, Monday through Sunday, for children ages 6 weeks through 10 years of age. Contracted hours and payment agreements have been agreed upon in the Financial Contract. An emergency or occasionally working overtime is something I certainly understand. However, like you and your family after a long and full days work, my family and I value and enjoy our
"quality family time". Please call as soon as you realize that you will be running late.

Fees are due in advance for each week; due on Monday before the period of care begins. I require advance payment for two reasons:
1) To protect myself from families who choose to terminate service without notice and not pay for childcare already given.
2) To buy supplies needed for the daycare for the following week (food, and other daycare related expenses that are needed upfront).

You will receive a 10% sibling discount, based on the rates for youngest child.

You will be charged for overtime if you are late to pick up your child from care. Overtime rate will be charged at $10.00 for every 15 minutes. Late arrival does not justify late pick up. Continuous problems with late pick up time may cause a termination of services.

If payment is NOT received on Friday or in the morning Mondays, childcare will not be available for that day or until payment is made in full. Payments made will be non-refundable if parents terminate care during the week or if child is out sick.

A charge of 'one full weeks advanced pay' will be charged to reserve an opening for your child. The opening will be held for a maximum of two (2) weeks. This fee will cover child's first week of care, but will be non-refundable if child care has not began within the two week period.

A non-refundable registration fee of $____ applies for all new families. This fee will go towards bedding materials and supplies for your child.

Any hours over 50 hours a week is considered overtime, there is a $2.00 per hour overtime fee. Since payments are made in a weeks advanced, overtime fees will be billed on the next weeks payment.

I will accept payment in the form of cash, personal check or money order. In the event of a returned check, parents will be responsible for a $25.00 returned check fee as well as any fees incurred due to the returned check. In the event of a returned check, all future payments will be made in cash or money order.

Holding Fees: I require a holding fee if your child is in the hospital, ill or on leave from care for more than five (5) days, or if your child will not attend for an extended period of time (such as summer vacation). Your holding fee will be charged at one-half the weekly rate for no longer than six (6) weeks. This fee is due each Friday of the previous week. Without this payment I cannot guarantee that I can keep your child's spot available. Late payment fees will be applied to fees not received as described above.

If at any time the provider decides to change rates, the parents will receive a one month advance notice of all rate changes. At this time, the parent can choose to continue enrollment or give the provider a 2 week withdrawal notice.


I will be closed on the following days and these days are considered paid holidays:

January 1-New Years Day
May-Memorial Day
President's Day
Good Friday
July 4th-Independence Day
September-Labor Day
November-Thanksgiving Day and the following day
December-Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Each calendar year I will be closed for one to two weeks for provider vacation. Advance notice of no less than three weeks will be given. Payment is not required during provider's vacation. Occasionally I may find it necessary to take a personal day off for training, workshops, personal or family reasons. Sufficient notice will be given unless it is an emergency.

Each calendar year each family may take up to one week vacation at half the normal weekly fee. A two week written notice of vacation is required. If no notice is given, or less than two week's notice is given, the full weekly fee will be charged.

Parents are responsible for providing their own back up care for illness, holidays, provider's vacations, emergency and personal days of provider. I will contact you as early as possible if I become ill and am unable to care for your child, in order for you to find alternate care.

In accordance with state law, you will be required upon admission to complete the required necessary forms and provide a statement certifying your child's immunization record, a listing of any special needs, the name of your child's physician, and signed handbook and contract. Your child must be in the process of obtaining all immunizations at the medically appropriate times. Care will not be provided if I do not have all of the required, completed paperwork. All information will be kept confidential.

If your child needs prescription medicine administered, you must complete a Medication Form per state law. All medication must be in the original container, clearly labeled with the childs name and directions for the exact dosage and times to be administered; must also state child's physician and phone number in case of reaction to medication. Please give all medications directly to me, DO NOT place in child's bag.

Each day you will be required to sign your child(ren) in, noting the time and your signature. A sign in/out log is provided. The same procedure is used to sign the child(ren) out.

Your child will only be allowed to leave with a person whose name is on file as a person authorized to pick-up your child. A written notice or telephone call from an authorized person (prior to child being picked up) stating the name of the person to pick up the child will be Required. Identification will be asked for upon their arrival before the child will allowed to leave with them. This is strictly for your child's safety and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If a parent/guardian arrives intoxicated or under the influence of drugs in the opinion of the provider, all Reasonable steps will be taken to avoid releasing the child to that person. An emergency 'contact' will be called to pick up the child.

Please call me by 8:00 am if your child(ren) will be late or not be attending that day. Both full-time and part-time fees will be charged based on contracted hours, including missed days due to illness, holidays or snow days.

You are required to provide a complete change of clothing (appropriate for the weather) for your child, including socks and underwear. Soiled clothing will be sent home and a clean change of clothes to be brought back the next day. Proper outerwear for outside play is also needed. Summer: Please provide swimsuit, towel and sunscreen.

The provider will accommodate you and your child as much as possible to help them learn new skills and to provide a safe and nurturing environment. I maintain an open door policy and parents are always welcome to drop in during the times that children are in care. Open lines of communication between parents and provider are essential to a child's well being and development. The provider will summarize the day's events regularly with 'Parent Communication' sheets. Conferences may be arranged to discuss your child's progress and other topics that may need reviewing.

Your child's adjustment is important to all of us. It is therefore agreed that a two week trial period will exist before arrangements for continued care become final. At the end of this period, the parents and provider will discuss how the child has adjusted to the new setting, realizing that this varies for child to child. At this time, either party may terminate care. You will not be required to give me a two week notice even through the trial basis.

I will be incorporating a preschool curriculum into our daily activities for fun and to prepare the older children for school. This is done at no additional cost to you. This is a theme based curriculum set up on a weekly basis, but if a theme is of particular interest to the children we will spend extra time on it. Activities include arts and crafts, stories, music, games, etc. These activities will allow your child(ren) to be successful and feel good about themselves, use and develop language skills, use large and small muscles, learn new ideas and skills, and expose the child(ren) to variety of cultures. The program will also encourage creativity and imagination through the use of various materials and mediums.

Throughout the year we may take several field trips. We may visit the zoo, library, park, McDonalds, Chuck E. Cheese, etc. Parents will be notified in advance of any field trips and any costs involved. You will be required to complete an authorization form for each field trip. Your child(ren) does not have to attend the field trip, but you will be required to provide back-up care for you child if your child cannot attend. There is no deduction in the weekly or daily tuition if your child does not attend these field trips.

All children being transported while in my care will use seat belts in the appropriate type of seat for each child's weight and age. Parents are responsible for furnishing the appropriate car seat. In addition to field trips there may be short trips to school or the grocery store. A note will be left on the door at these times. I will not at any time, leave a child in an unattended vehicle.

All children will be required to have rest time. Our quiet/nap time will be from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. I will provide a safe, warm, clean and quiet place for your child(ren) to rest. Children who do not fall asleep or who awaken early will be guided to quiet activities that will not disturb other sleeping children. If at any time your child is not sleeping at night, or he/she doesn't seem ready to go to bed and feel it is because he/she sleeps too long during the rest time, don't hesitate to mention it to me and I can try waking him/her up a little earlier each day.

Infant and toddlers:
All babies will be placed on their back to sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics, SIDS Alliance, and Association of SIDS and Infant Mortality Programs all recommend this to reduce the risk of crib death also know as SIDS. so for the safety of your baby, I will follow this recommendation. Your baby/toddler will be checked on often. If baby falls asleep, for example, in the swing or car seat, I will usually leave them to sleep. Infants/toddlers are able to nap as needed and they are allowed to sleep as long as they need to. Toddlers are allowed up to a 2 1/2 hour nap, unless the parents find it hard for the child to sleep at night. If so, I will wake the child up sooner. Every baby is treated as an individual, and his/her schedule will be adjusted according to his/her needs.

When your child shows readiness for toilet learning, this will be done in a relaxed manner and in cooperation with you. I will only begin helping to potty train a child if you have successfully began training at home for a week prior. Please don't ask me to begin potty training your child if you haven't successfully began training at home. I will gladly follow your means of potty training if you just let me know what it is. If your child has frequent accidents or is just learning to use the toilet, you will need to provide plenty of extra clothing and underwear.

Part of each day will be spent outside, weather Permitting. The children will be supervised at all times
while outdoors. The children should be dressed appropriately to stay warm and enjoy being outside. If a child is too ill to play, he/she is probably not well enough to be in the group and would be much more comfortable at home.

Children will be served breakfast, a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. All meals will be nutritious and balanced as suggested by the food guide pyramid for children. Meals are served family style, which means I will include the children in parts of the preparation, table setting, serving themselves and clearing.

Weekly menus are planned in advance and posted in the kitchen for you to review. If your child requires a special diet or has any allergies to certain foods I will need written instructions, and you may be required to provide those special food items.

Children are never forced to eat but will be encouraged to eat a few bites and to try new foods.

Milk and/or fruit juice is generally served with breakfast and lunch, and water is offered at various times throughout the day.

If your child will not be in attendance during scheduled mealtimes, it will be your responsibility to provide that meal, prior to bringing your child to care. Please notify me if your child(ren) will not be in attendance to a meal he/she is normally here for.

Special treats may be served to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays. (cupcakes, ice cream, etc.)

Infants and Toddlers:
Parents of infants will supply all formulas/breast milk and jarred baby food products that you want them to be fed. But they must be in the original unopened containers. Once on table food, they will be able to join the regular schedule menu. Please leave instructions in full detail on amounts, textures, temperatures, as well as if you add juice, formula or breast milk to the cereal or other food item.

For all babies, I will only add one new food item to the babies diet at a time so we will know exactly what the baby is allergic to if some sort of reaction was to occur. I will only introduce food categories (Ex. Cereal, veggies, fruits, and meats) per the American Academy of Pediatric recommendations.

Minor cuts and abrasions suffered while at the day care will receive proper care, specifically, they will be washed with soap and warm water and properly bandaged. Injury and treatment will be logged. I will tell you how and when the injury occurred. I am also required to log any injuries I observe on our child which have occurred outside my care.

If a medical emergency arises with your child, you will be notified immediately. If the emergency is life threatening to the child, necessary steps will be taken to put the child's safety first (calling 911, doctor, poison control, emergency transportation to nearest hospital, etc.) and you will be notified immediately. You are responsible for all costs involved in any emergency medical treatment.

FIRE: Fire drills and smoke detector tests will be practiced at least quarterly, and more often if needed, so that all of the children will be able to participate in the drill. In the event of a fire, we would evacuate the house immediately and gather in our neighbor's front yard/house.

TORNADO: Tornado drills will be practiced at least twice a year. If severe weather arises and a tornado warning is issued, child will be directed to the center of the house where they will crouch and cover their heads. If need be, we will go somewhere where a storm shelter is available.

I reserve the right to terminate any child or family from the program for any of the following reasons, but not Solely limited to:
Failure to abide by the policies in this handbook
Non payment of fees
Provider's inability to meet the child's needs
Lack of parental cooperation and communication
Parental termination. You are required to give a two week notice
Destructive or hurtful behavior of child that persists, even with parent/provider cooperation in stopping the behavior. (hitting, biting, pulling hair, etc.)

Please notify me by 8:00am if your child will not be attending or will be late arriving.
Please notify me in case of illness and keep a sick child at home.
Pick up your child promptly so that my family's needs may also be met.
Please be prompt in your child care payment.
Please refrain from sending candy and gum with your child unless it is a special occasion.
Parents are required to keep me informed of any changes pertaining to the child's records.
There is 2 cats and a dog at the daycare home.
Handbook may be revised at times; you will be notified in writing of any changes.

Please take an interest in our program and talk with your child about the day's activities. I consider it a privilege to have been entrusted with the care of your child and I will always treat your child with love and respect. If at any time you have suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to bring them to my attention.